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September 7, 2012


candidates whose names are not on the provisional unn primary admission list but wish to purchase the course advert form otherwise called shopping forms are hereby informed that the 2012/2013 unn advert forms (shopping forms) is on sale

Unn Advertised Courses form on sale


Interested 2012/2013 UTME candidates who chose University of Nigeria and have not been

given provisional admission but who had a UTME score of 200 or above and P-UTME score of 180 or above are invited to apply for the following courses with shortfalls:

Faculty of Agriculture  
Departments               Shortfall
Agricultural Economics                            42
Agricultural Extension 32
Animal Science 29
Crop Science 37
Food Science and Technology 12
Home Science and Nutrition 7
Nutrition and Dietetics 5
Soil Science 38
Faculty of Arts  


Departments                       Shortfall
Archaeology 6
Combined Arts 6
English and Literary Studies 6
Fine and Applied Arts 2
French 10
History 4
Linguistics/Igbo 14
Mass Communication 5
Music 22
Theatre/Film Studies 9
NINLAN/Aba Campus 54
Faculty of Biological Sciences  
Departments  Shortfall


Biochemistry 51
Botany 55
Combined Biological Sciences 106
Microbiology 57
Zoology 62
 Faculty of Business Administration  


Departments                       Shortfall
Accountancy 28
Banking and Finance 26
Marketing 44
Management 28
Faculty of Dentistry Shortfall
Dentistry 2
Faculty of Education
Departments Shortfall
Adult Education 56
Business Education 13
Computer Education 19
Agric. Education 14
Education/Arts 16
Education/Science 13
Education/Social Science 14
Guidance and Counseling 9
Health Education 24
Home Economics 23
Industrial Technical Education 17
Library and Information Science 9
Physical Education 18
Faculty of Engineering  
Departments  Shortfall

Agric. and Bio-resources Engineering

Civil Engineering 22
Electrical Engineering 29
Electronic Engineering 54
Mechanical Engineering 45
Metallurgical & Material Engineering 62
Faculty of Environmental Studies  
Departments Shortfall
Architecture 17
Estate Management 53
Surveying & Geoinformatics 39
Urban and Regional Planning 46
Faculty of Health Sciences and Tech.  
Departments Shortfall
Medical Laboratory Science 8
Medical Rehabilitation 13
Nursing Sciences 9
Medical Radiography 13
Faculty of Law Shortfall
Law 16
Faculty of Medical Sciences Shortfall
Medicine and Surgery 10
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Shortfall
Pharmacy 19
Faculty of Physical Sciences
Departments Shortfall
Combined Physical Sciences 59
Computer Science 31
Geology 22
Mathematics 61
Physics and Astronomy 83
Pure and Industrial Chemistry 30
Statistics 75
Faculty of Social Sciences
Departments Shortfall
Economics 18
Geography 7
Philosophy 15
Political sciences 17
Psychology 20
Public Administration & Local Govt. 11
Religion 15
Social Work 11
Sociology/Anthropology 13
Combined Social Sciences 22
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Shortfall
Veterinary Medicine 53


  1. Visit the University of Nigeria website ( or portal (, log in your JAMB Registration Number to generate and download a unique Payment Invoice for Application Processing Fee. Take the invoice to any branch of First Bank, Diamond Bank or any other bank on the e-tranzact platform to pay Ten thousand naira (N10,000) processing fee. Ensure that the Invoice Number is keyed in appropriately at the bank and obtain a Confirmation Slip containing a Confirmation Number and your Invoice Number.
  2. Visit the University of Nigeria website or portal ( or again and login your JAMB Registration number, the Confirmation and Invoice numbers, and then complete the Advert Form online.
  3. closing date for 2012/2013 course advert form (shopping form) registration.
  4. Application commences on Thursday, 6th September 2012 and closes on Friday, 14th September 2012.


A. I. Okonta




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  1. stainless man permalink

    jamb now on sale pls take heart umunnem……

    • Pls can i kno d cutoff mark of combined arts nd library nd information science…….pls help me so dat i wil kno were 2 fit in wit 212

  2. akwuruoha fabian permalink

    thanks to unn 4 their good work.

  3. Idemil Chidozie Valentine permalink

    Can someone that appllied for law but scored 235 in jamb and 199 in post UTME appply for courses from social science. Can I apply for Public Admin.?

    • @dozie. You are qualified to apply since you scored more than 180 in post ume. All you need do is to choose a course that have more vacancy. Good luck!

  4. Pls can anyone who scored 160 in post jamb nd has her average of 183.5 buy advert form

    • my dear it is not advisable to buy the form since you did not get up to the required cut-off which is 180 and above.

  5. chimah permalink

    pls where do i click on the portal to see and download the unique Payment Invoice for Application Processing Fee?? pls reply asap. thanks. good work u re doing. God bless

  6. Grace permalink

    Pls cn i ft in 4 d advrt courses wit 229 in utme and 180 in pume?

  7. James pls help me out with what I asked! Where do I get the advert form on the website?

    • @chimah. It is now going through. All you have to do is to log in to click on 2012/2013 unn shopping form,enter your jamb reg and generate an invoice, take it to either 1st or diamond bank and get your pin. Contact me on 08102804309 for further information. Take care bro

  8. britney permalink

    indeed,my junior bro scored 230 in the unn post ume,nd his aggregate was 239.5.his name did nt appear on the merit list cos he’s not from enugu yet a friend scored 210 nd was given law cos he’s frm enugu.God is gonna judge all of can take that the supplementary form nd shove it up all ur asses 4 all i care.

    • Dear Britney, i understand your pain and i feel for your brother. First you have to understand that i don’t give people admission neither am a unn staff. I am a helper to you all who need information and it is rather unfortunate that your brother’s name is not on the list. There three factors that determine admission. Your course,scores and number of applicants for that course. When you mentioned enugu you become bias because am not from enugu and my sister was admitted to study bus.admin with 198 as average. I guess the course was less competitive. About your brother’s friend ,his case i wouldn’t know how it happen ed but just know that unn admission is majorly based on merit. I would advise you to get the advert form and shop for a less competitive score. With that score your brother would be admitted. For further help you can call me on 08102804309

      • Eziaku Okwuonu permalink

        James,my aggregate is 222.2 nd i wnt 2 buy d shopping form n apply for linguistics/ i ve d chances of getting admisn

      • @okwuonu. You are on the right track bro. The course is less competitive and it is more or less certain you would resume with others by octomber. Good luck bro

  9. Nedu collins permalink

    My lil bro applied 4 Econs, scored 250 in Jamb, 180 in Pume, Ave 215 whereas d cut off is arnd 238…pls what likely course wil he fill in d shopping form

    • @collins. Economics cut off is 243 and your brother didn’t make up to that. If he is buying the advert form it would be advisable for him to consider education courses.

  10. Nnorom amaka permalink

    Pls do i need any print out after the registration?

    • @amaka. After registration print it out and take it to the bank. That is where you will pay the fee and get the confirmation pin with which you will go and back and register proper.

  11. Nedu collins permalink

    Thanks @James…wat of a course in Combined Social Sciences? I wil also like 2 kn d list of combined Economics courses.

  12. zion permalink

    bros gud dy sir,pls i got an avrge of 226.5 going 4 psycho wt advrt form wot r my chnces.

    • all you have to do is to check the number of vacancy there and you must also consider the fact that there are others with higher scores who might want to apply for that.

  13. MACDON permalink


    • My dear its not advisable. Since you didn’t get it in the first place what makes you think you would get it again. Its advisable to go for another course

  14. Very informative blog

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