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May 8, 2012


Bimpe, had no clue who the person outside was. To save herself the trouble, she decided to open the door. She paused, adjusted herself, then she open the door. Behold, a total stranger standing at her door. A stranger that had no bearing in her life, not in the past nor the present and she wasn’t expecting anybody. Instead she was the one been somewhere in town. She stood still for a moment trying hard to remember if the face was familiar or not. No clue. Bouncing back to her senses, she checked herself from been antagonistic and unwelcoming. After all, the person outside might actually be the breakthrough she craves.
“Please come in” she said as she left the doorway walking back to the middle of the room. “Have your seat ma” she gesticulated to Sarah with her left arm.
“Thank you Bimpe” Sarah said as she comported herself to a chair opposite her. To ease herself from being tensed up, she removed her spectacle and fastened it to the front of her red blouse. All the while Bimpe was still standing. Shocked, with her mouth agape, she asked her “ How can I help you madam, and how do you manage to know my name,please”. The self assurance and confidence Sarah needed was gradually returning. After all, Bimpe wasn’t as tough as she had earlier made herself to believe. Then the herculean task surfaced, her own river stynx. How do she open up and tell her that her husband was the architect behind her beloved brother’s death. That he actually started the flame that consumed her brother. How do she tell her that Dennis and not Kizito murdered Dr Coker. Before she could answer her own questions, rivulet of tears had already accumulated on her cheeks. She fumbled inside her handbag for her hanky.
Before Bimpe could say anything, she was already kneeling on the floor. “ Please…”
“Madam, please get up and have your seat” Bimpe interrupted her with an emotion-laden voice. “ You’ve come to commiseratewith me over my brother’s death” she concluded but she miscalculated. Her visitor had come for a perennial visit. Once in a lifetime visit. It was a visit that would drop a deadly bombshell in its wake. A bombshell she wasn’t prepared for.
Sarah was still full of tears as she rose to regain her seat. In her tears she shook her head. She couldn’t imagine herself in her present state. Dennis, that name she would always dreamt of leaning on. But now, she had to put his account straight. It is now and his whole shortcomings would either make or mar her for life. She comported herself.
“ Please I pray for your forgiveness”
“Madam, what are you talking about. Forgiveness for what” Bimpe asked her continuously without any iota of comprehension. She seems not to comprehend the whole scene. Was it a hoax or the woman was simply misdirected to the wrong house? She could not say.
“ Em! Em!” Sarah stammered “it is about your brother, Kizito” she managed to say
“Kizzy?, why hd you come to aggravate my pains” Bimpe asked in between tears as she sank to a chair. She wiped her face clean, took a quick glance at the table clock. It was 10:55am. The time for her appointment was fast approaching but it could wait if the need be. First and foremost, she has to deal with the stranger that have being sent to rekindle her sorrow.
“Kizito wasn’t responsible for Dr Coker’s death” Sarah forced herself to say, almost choking to death.
“What! How do you know! Who was responsi… “ Bimpe stammered for lack of words as she sprang to her feet spontaneously in her greatest bewilderment. She drew closer to Sarah for more elucidation. An information so vital that she could give up the whole jobs in the world to possess. Not that it would bring Kizito back to life but at least it would exonerate him even in death from being seen as a murderer where and whenever his name was mentioned. She moped at her mysterious visitor in total awe,
“Madam, could you please make yourself plain” she pleaded. Sarah wiped away her accumulated tears, then readjusted herself. She turned and faced Bimpe. Looking into her eyes she shook her head. She could felt her pains, her agonies and trauma but what could she do. Confess to her?.
“ I am Mrs. Sarah Miller, the wife of late Prof. Dennis Miller. He was with Dr Coker the night he was murdered.” She flinched as she battled to remain calm.
“Kizito’s death was …was eh! a miscarriage of justice. He wasn’t responsible for Dr Coker’s death.” She swallowed her spittle in pain. Bimpe was already up. Boiling with anger as she prance about the room. Her body convulsed as she managed to ask “who killed Dr Co…”
“My husband did” Sarah cut in “I am very sorry” she choked in between tear. In a twinkling of an eye, Bimpe Pugnaciously pranced at her “You murderer! Killer! You conspired with your devil of a devil of a husband to kill my brother.” She howled and yanked at her as Sarah battled to free herself from being strangled.
“Please forgive him, forgive us. I only got to know after Dennis’s death. Have mercy on me.” She pleaded in tears as she sprawled on the floor to elicit mercy. A sudden pause. To be sure of what she heard, Bimpe asked “Do you just say death, what happened to Prof. Miller?
“Dennis committed suicide out of self guilt” Sarah sighed
As if under a spell, Bimpe wiped her face clean, beckoned on tormentor to rise from the floor. She rose fidgetly not knowing the next thing to say or do. She just stood rooted to the spot morosely.
Bimpe sank to a chair not knowing what to do either. Should she call the police? But for who,Prof. Miller or the wife or should she just let her go in her guilt if she had a hand in her brother’s death?. She was totally immersed in the labyrinth of thought that was capable of tearing apart any soul. But what would she gain by involving the police? Fate had dealt cruelly within them both. Involving the police would not bring back her brother nor the devilish Prof. Miller to pay for his crime, neither do she want the innocent to suffer. If any.
“Madam, I forgive you. You can go” she muttered. She spied at the table clock, 11:30am it read. It was almost time for her appointment. She couldn’t afford to let this opportunity pass her by. Though her heart was heavy, she believed that she would pass through the day without betraying herself.
Sarah knelt and thanked her for the last time, almost forgetting her spectacle on a chair as she stepped out of the room. Meanwhile, Bimpe had vanished into the bathroom without responding unperturbed of not bolting the door behind her.
“Good riddance” she said to herself and prayed that their paths would never cross again.

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